CBD + CBG Cherry Mint Tincture

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Do you struggle to focus? Have anxiety? 

Used for high anxiety, PTSD, Chrone's, IBS, and Glaucoma. 

I personally swear by this product. Anyone of my friends will tell you squirrels run wild in my head. This product WORKS for ADHD extremely well. It is worth the cost!!!

From Firefly-

Our 6000mg combo is the strongest formula possible to put into a 1oz bottle. Born from hard work, organic practices and a yearning to help those in need. It has a Cherry-Mint flavor and consists of 3000mg of CBD along with 3000mg of CBG. Our unique strains of hemp, selected for their terpene and cannabinoid content, are grown by hand from seed to harvest. And our CBD and CBG products are only produced in small batches because we hold quality above all else. But just because we’ve grown it the old fashioned way doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on the science. Far from it. We partnered with the best scientific minds in the industry who’ve used cutting edge techniques to create the most effective, cleanest and most well formulated products out there.

CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Organic MCT Oil
Organic Cherry-Mint flavoring