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Emergency Power is a small inclusion rate product to help maintain feed intake during stressful times and during gut upsets. Emergency Power enhances starch and fiber digestion, helps regulate and balance gut microflora and pH of ruminants, and supports the overall health and productivity of your livestock.

It has proprietary live yeast cultures, immune boosters, 5 strains of probiotic bacillus, MOS, additional enzymatic microbes and the Carmel flavor to help compliment Power Up!

Administer at 5-10 grams. 10 grams for times of extreme stress, and 5 grams as a maintenance regimen.
Comes in a 10.8 oz purple container with an included 5 gram scoop.
Contains 30, ten gram doses, or 60 five gram doses.

Product Analysis:
Crude Protein min 28%
Crude Fat min 1%
Crude Fiber max 10%
Saccharomyces cerevisisaie 2.0 x 109 cfu/g

Emergency Power is not a product that needs to be used everyday.
Recommended to use if an animal is stressed or ill, on the road, or has a digestive upset.
Emergency Power has a 1 year shelf life.
Keep in cool dry place. 

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