Pet 1000mg Bodacious Bacon

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Have that dog that has PTSD, scared of fireworks, general anxiety when traveling or around others? Here is a product that has been extremely helpful for my St. Bernard with anxiety/PTSD. It calms her significantly. Can be used as needed or it does help if used daily to help build a flatter level of calmness over time for them. Dose is based a bit on response. Start lower and go up. 1ml is the typical dosage. 

30 ml bottle - month supply 


Firefly Description - Bodacious Bacon

If you’re like us, we care as much or more about our pets than we do ourselves. We took great care and applied the exact same methods and standards for our Pet CBD products just like we do for our human products. All mammals have the Endocannabinoid System. Our newest Pet product is a very powerful formula that combines two major cannabinoids, CBD and CBDa, with 500mg of each and 1000mg overall total. Then we top it off with a pet favorite, Bodacious Bacon flavor. Our Pet CBD+CBDa may be helpful for our older furry loved ones that have those age related issues. We partnered with the best scientific minds in the industry that use cutting-edge techniques to create the most effective, cleanest, and most well formulated products out there.

CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
Organic MCT Oil
Organic Bacon Flavoring