Power Hair Therapy

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Power Hair Therapy-

A special concentrated proprietary blend of oils to help grow hair and wool in patches of lost hair. Works well on fungus treatment. Extreme moisturizing properties set it apart from other products. In those tough areas to get hair or have fungus rub therapy in and see the hair start to grow.

Aids in Healing & Prevention of Infectious Ringworm Fungi, Wool Fungus, Thrush, Rain Rot, Wound Care, & Scratches.

A Non-Toxic defense & barrier against contagious fungi, bacteria and viruses

Use on all animals: Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Dogs,& other small pets.

 Usage directions- Wipe or pour on affected area or all over for an all over deep conditioning treatment.

 Apply twice daily for best results.

Ingredients: Unique blend of propriety oils.