Purple Power Punch Electrolyte

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Purple Power Punch is an exciting new electrolyte pack! Amazing GRAPE flavor with a subtle purple color when mixed. Very palatable and provides energy, vitamins, minerals and contains buffers to help with gut health. Can be used in times of dehydration or extensive performance where lost fluids need to be replenished. Can be used in other health challenges. Excellent in transition times, hospital pen, weaning, or to encourage hydration in times of need. 

Hydration Formula for Cattle, Swine, Goats, Sheep, Horses
2 oz. dose rate can be mixed in 1 quart or more water, or top dressed on feed.

60 servings = 7.5 pound pail
200 servings = 25 pound pail 

View the Purple Power Punch Nutrition LabelView the Purple Power Brochure