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An all natural supplement that is fed at 2oz per feeding, with a maximum of 4oz’s per day. It is added to the existing feed daily, mixed into feed, and made to start gradually with a smaller inclusion rate. It is highly palatable with a caramel flavor. This will help increase feed and water intake so be sure to provide adequate supply of both.  In today’s environment our consumers are conscious of what their animals are fed and fear we are using hormones and genetically modified products. Not with Power Up.

Purple Power Up works in both beef and dairy cattle and is safe for all species, sexes, breeding and pregnant animals.

Use during show season to get that added pop to the top! Available in 2 different sizes:
7.5 pound tub will last 1 animal 30 days
25 pound tub will last 1 animal 100 days

Purple Power Up contains highly bioavailable sugars, yeast culture, buffers, appetite stimulators, sweet milk aroma with a hint of caramel flavor! 

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